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Gaultier In Montreal







At the last minute I was able to catch the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit at the Musée des beaux-arts while it was still in Montreal.

Unlike any I’ve seen before, this show featured animated faces projected onto mannequins, including one of Gaultier himself (see top photo), as well as a runway with moving mannequins. He didn’t want the show to have a typical stuffy and static museum feel, and these were ways he could bring it to life.

I took a lot of close-up shots (big surprise, I know) – but the detail that goes into each piece is incredible. He is one of the select few members of the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture, and you can see why.

Shortly before my visit, I had picked up an issue of the New Yorker. The article, Fantasyland, was a great supplement to viewing the exhibit. If you didn’t make it to the show (I think it’s in the States now, and then Europe), the article provides a great little glimpse into the life and work of Gaultier, and is worth a read, selon moi.

SOMA On King




Really due for another trip to SOMA. This particular chocolate was filled with pop rocks – so much fun!

Waiting Room








Waiting for my parents to get ready for the game, I snapped a few shots in their hotel.

Best Day Ever!


I recently went to Shops at Don Mills for the first time, and had such an amazing time!

First I met up with Natalie at McEwan grocery, where we spent so long I don’t even want to acknowledge it – I’m pretty sure it was hours. They carry product I’ve only ever seen abroad, like Niederegger marzipan, and brands like Wilkin & Sons who make jams and marmalade (even lime marmalade!) which you can find around, but not easily. And while pasta is not something that is usually of much interest to me, they carry the most amazingly beautiful pastas – I had to pick up some of the rainbow bowtie pasta – they have stripes of 6 different colours. They even carry beautiful butterfly-shaped pasta!

Of course I had to try some chocolate, so I chose an organic mexican taza chocolate disc for drinking, and a small Simon Coll con leche chocolate bar from Barcelona.

Then, passing through by the condiments aisle, I could not leave without some Blackcurrant Tarragon mustard from France. It’s purple. Need I say more?

Lastly, while admiring the whimsical, fanciful pastries, a woman came out from behind the bakery counter to see if we needed anything. We spoke for some time about baking during the holidays, family traditions, and delicious memories. Finally, when it was time to move on, she gave us a little rocky road brownie for energy. It was so something my mother would do and say. Needless to say, I found it endearing.

Okay, so this has quickly turned into a post entirely about McEwan. I’ll post more about my visit to Shops at Don Mills soon. In the meantime, here are some highlights on my List of 10 reasons why you might want to visit McEwan:

1. Niederegger marzipan and drink mixes
2. Large selection of tea (including Kusmi) and drinking chocolate
3. Unsweetened matcha lattes
4. Marble slab ice cream
5. Variety of Honey, including chestnut honey
6. Impressive mustard selection
7. Kewpie mayonnaise from Japan (what?!)
8. Most colourful pasta selection I’ve ever seen
9. Bakery (would love a birthday cake from here!)
10. Customer service



It Is So Hot Right Now


I choose to believe my brother brought these back from Tokyo because he thought I looked like the cute girl in the illustration. And not because I need them.

In other weather-related news, I have just started an official Twitter page (there is a link to it on the right column of this page) and I have posted a link to the recipe of some AMAZING looking popsicles. So pick up some yogurt and fruit today and enjoy!

I ♡ Alber Elbaz




Alber Elbaz has been working wonders as the Artistic Director for Lanvin since 2001. And he’s also a great illustrator!

Pictured above are some stamps my friend brought me from Paris featuring his drawings. So great! His illustrations have been featured on the backdrop for this Acne Lanvin collaboration photoshoot, on numerous Lanvin products, and apparently he has illustrated a song for Mika, which I would love to see.

Personally, in terms of design, his shoes have always tempted me. Have you seen this crystal-embellished satin ballerina flat? Or maybe these leather boots? Size 9 thanks.

Cottage Dog






I totally fell in love with this little guy! We had quite the photoshoot and I wish he would have followed me back to Toronto, but alas…

Norway Bay







I’m back! Spent last week with friends on the Ottawa River.

The clean, crisp air was a much needed break from the brutal city heat. We read, went out on the pontoon boat, swam in the river, and avoided injury by clam shell in the water.

We even caught an old episode of Golden Girls. And subsequently decided on our Halloween costumes for next year.

2-4 Floral







Some close-ups from my mother’s yard. Taken on the May 2-4 Weekend.

Flowers & Dark Horse






Yesterday, my mom’s neighbor was walking by with his dog and she stopped him to help identify a few flowers for her. It was fascinating to hear him list off what flowers had just come up in her garden without missing a beat: variegated lamium, woodruff or galium odoratum, even a sprouting horse chestnut tree that a squirrel must have planted! This neighbor has a passion for gardening and is like an encyclopedia of knowledge.

In the past few years, I have been photographing more flowers and for the most part would not really be able to identify the variety. I think it would be interesting to learn.