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Letter Writing and Coffee




I needed to finish writing a letter. So I went for coffee.

It Is So Hot Right Now


I choose to believe my brother brought these back from Tokyo because he thought I looked like the cute girl in the illustration. And not because I need them.

In other weather-related news, I have just started an official Twitter page (there is a link to it on the right column of this page) and I have posted a link to the recipe of some AMAZING looking popsicles. So pick up some yogurt and fruit today and enjoy!

Cottage Dog






I totally fell in love with this little guy! We had quite the photoshoot and I wish he would have followed me back to Toronto, but alas…

Weekend Brunch






Had a delicious brunch on the weekend, and yes, there was food – I just had to document the Ayala champagne properly, as well as the white sangria with cinnamon and mint…alongside these, we had lots of berries and mangoes with maple syrup on crepes made with an interesting pancake pan from Iceland.

Then it was off to Jonathan+Olivia for the Top Shop opening, and then along Queen to Preloved and Heel Boy (serious audio on the site). A really nice and sunny day to be out!

Introducing: The AyalahList


In the first of what might become many posts involving lists (yay!)…here today in the AyalahList (hope that’s not too pretentious) are the Top 5 Magazines that I’m excited about right now!

1. Dossier (Issue No.5 pictured) I have been following their blog for some time, and it is a great resource for what is going on in the NY art scene. Creative director Skye Parrott and editorial director Katherine Krause started the magazine in 2008 and opened a store in Brooklyn under the same name the following year. The magazine features work from many interesting contributors, many who happen to be friends of theirs, contains lots of photography, some interviews, and a little fiction and poetry.

The magazine, the shop, artist friends tote bag project (all sold out)…. the whole thing is pretty great. Now if only I could do this!

2. The Gentlewoman (Issue No.1 pictured) I have read at least a couple of really good interviews with Phoebe Philo and this magazine contains one of them. A mix of fashion and interviews with interesting women like architect Kazuyo Sejima, winemaker Sara Pérez, and gourmet ice cream maker Kitty Travers, to name a few. Definitely a good choice for learning about current inspirational women from around the world.

3. Monocle (Issue No. 32 pictured) Even though I might never understand their subscription plan, (10 issues for £75, or you can buy them in a store for £5 each…Hmm) I must admit that I still find each issue hard to resist. Thick like a text book, they are full of colourful illustrations, and cover all your international business, cultural, and design needs. With such international coverage and the inclusion of obscure (but interesting!) little facts, it truly does remind you that there is news anywhere you choose to look.

4. Bad Day (Issue No.7 pictured) When I first picked up a few issues (at Magic Pony and Delphic) I immediately recognized a number of their Friends and contributors. It’s like discovering some little Toronto secret. With a black raindrop logo you may have seen on tote bags around town, this Toronto-based quarterly arts and culture magazine features interviews with artists often by artists. In a previous post I had mentioned one of the local interviews, but they also feature international artists like Jason Schwartzman. It’s a good mix of people you may already know of, with more obscure or emerging artists. Pick up a copy if you’re into feeling in the know, or would just like to gain a little insight into artists’ work and process – the interviews often have a more personal or relaxed feel, than if they were being interviewed by some larger international publication.

5. Intermission (Issue No.1 picture borrowed from their site) This may not completely count, as I haven’t actually a copy of it yet. But this brand new Swedish magazine made the list because of the people – this issue features the likes of jewelery designer Pamela Love and the guy behind Band of Outsiders. I found out about this magazine from Opening Ceremony, which is featured in this opening issue. And they assure us that issue No.2 will contain some English translations. Something to look forward to!

Picture 4






Last week I stopped by Magic Pony to pick up the new issue of Toronto’s Bad Day magazine. It’s got a lot of great interviews, including one with Rita Liefhebber by Jeremy Laing. If you’re into the arts, it’s definitely worth a look.

And whenever I visit Magic Pony, I usually also stop by their Narwhal gallery a few doors down. Above are some pictures of their last exhibition – and tonight is the opening of a solo show by Lauchie Reid of Team Macho titled That Hideous Strength. If you’re in the area tonight check it out!

Coffee Break at The Mascot







The Mascot had their grand opening in Parkdale on Saturday: complete with tiger mascot, clown on a unicycle juggling bowling pins, free mini vegan cupcakes, and best of all free coffee! The Mascot is a super new coffee shop and gallery at 1267 Queen West and the space looks great.

I first visited soon after they opened a few weeks ago and was impressed with their well-edited selection of magazines, from which I picked up a copy of hard to find Brooklyn based Dossier magazine. The crew there are really friendly and didn’t mind me taking loads of photographs – they even offered to open 2 boxes of freshly delivered mini cupcakes for me to photograph. How could I say no? And, according to this, they plan to donate all tips, as well as 20% of gallery sales to charity. A totally admirable venture – I hope they do well. Next time you’re in the neighborhood, I recommend a visit!

April Flowers








Mostly from my walk home today.

Except for the orange ones, which are a gift from my mother. She likes to buy me flowers before she leaves from a visit. These ones have been doing surprisingly well.

In the Bag


I have always been fond of those “What’s in your bag?” features: be they fake and
set up by a stylist for a magazine; more authentic, belonging on a personal blog; or even a combination of both.

The trend might be a little over, but what better time to join in, right?



Totoro zipper pull from SB
Rayban sunglasses
NICA wallet
vintage purse
key fob from mr skona





new tote!
and best cappuccino I’ve had in a while