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Retail Lyfe : Greige

I have met all of these customers.

Unpacking the peculiarities of the concept store

For some people—be it Rick Owens’s androgynous tribe or the cult of Phoebe Philo—fashion is more than an inescapable search for fabric to cover your mortal frame, it’s a way of life. Enter concept store Greige: director Matthew Shattuck and Vogue contributing editor Maya Singer’s vision of any fashion disciple’s inner sanctum.

Manon by De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig

De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig – Manon from Lernert & Sander on Vimeo.

Portrait No.10 : Nadia Litz


This is the last weekend of TIFF 2010 – which means the neighborhood will be getting back to normal soon. Normally I’m really into TIFF one year, and the next generally do not get involved at all. This year was pretty exciting – for the first time I was able to contribute some illustrations – and even some writing on the topic!

This portrait of Nadia Litz is up today on The Style Notebook. It was the first TIFF-related illustration I did this year and was published last. Go figure. Nadia is a Canadian actress who directed the short film, How to Rid your Lover of a Negative Emotion Caused by You!, that debuted at TIFF this year. I didn’t get a chance to see it, but it sounds amazing, doesn’t it? She talks about the film and about her experience directing for the first time here in her interview!


AyalahHutchins_swan 06 480

This week I finally saw Black Swan! Well, it’s only been playing at film festivals for a couple of weeks but it feels like forever! It’s been months if not years since they announced that Rodarte was doing the costumes, and then recently the trailer came out – so good!

The movie is sooo Darren Aronofsky, and if you like him, you’ll like the movie, and if you don’t, you won’t. BUT if you love Rodarte and ballet and Darren Aronofsky, then you will feel as do I about the film!

My second attempt at writing has now been published on The Style Notebook – I did a movie review! Pretty crazy. There is a bit of a synopsis, and a bit of fashion. And of course an illustration! Since it was pretty detailed, I decided to post a little cropped piece of it here on the blog. The composition is pretty sparse here, but to see the rest, check it out on The Style Notebook, or on my Flickr.

Opening Interview

Opening Ceremony is a great concept shop that has proven wildly successful over a relatively short period of time. In 2002 Humberto Leon and Carol Lim first opened their clothing shop on Howard Street in New York. The idea for the shop being, to provide customers with the experience of visiting a new country each season (similar to the Olympics, hence the name). Every year, the country that Opening Ceremony selects to feature, is introduced to customers by design, through the hand-picked, imported clothing and products that are sold.

From selling out of almost all their stock literally within the first few weeks of opening, to collaborating with other brands to develop unique, limited-edition products, and finally selling their designs to other stockists, Humberto and Carol are full of innovative ideas in shopping and hardest of all, make it all look so easy.

In this video interview for VBS (part 1 of 2), Humberto and Carol speak with Spike Jonze about the shop as an extension of their sensibility: from beginning, to present.


aside: last time I was there, I had major eye contact with josh hartnett. just saying,
could be worth a visit…

Pringle X David Shrigley

I have been a fan of Shrigley since I first stumbled upon some of his flash animations a number of years ago. This video I found on the Elle UK site via Refinery 29. It takes us through the process by which Pringle of Scotland produces their sweaters (or jumpers).

Incidentally, the Pringle of Scotland website is currently showing a film by Ryan McGinley featuring Tilda Swinton on their homepage for their SS10 collection.

Charlotte Video

I’m a big fan of Charlotte Gainsbourg and am looking forward to picking up a copy of her new album, IRM, next month. The Heaven Can Wait video above has been out since November, and is directed by Keith Schofield. Some of the shots are inspired by the work of photographer William Hundley. I think it’s pretty great.

If you like, the director’s cut can be seen here.

The Todd

Photographer Todd Selby started a portrait project last year called The Selby.
The concept being to portray people in their natural habitat – home, studio, space. These are mostly creative people: often his artist friends and celebrities we might not encounter on an average day (Alexander Wang, Erin Wasson, Julia Roitfeld).

Through this project, he has had the opportunity to collaborate with Colette, Cole Han, and several other brands with offshoot projects.

This video was taken at a talk by Todd Selby. In it he explains the project.

Chromeo Video

I have been listening to this constantly. Love the video by Surface2Air.
David Macklovitch is such a great dancer!


One of my favorite film directors is Wes Anderson. I actually enjoy re-watching his movies and that says a lot. I am also super excited for Fantastic Mr. Fox to join the collection. Wes Anderson has a great visual style that very much appeals to me and I’m not the only one. I even hear that Bergdorf’s has an amazing holiday window featuring a recreation of the film. Would so love to see it in person!

I first saw this video through Laura Normandin‘s blog and thought it was fantastic. I’m always in awe of the many little details Wes Anderson puts into his films.