This year I got a new phone. And it’s pretty rad. Instagram is completely addictive and overall it’s great to be able to access whatever information you need without turning on the computer. Not to mention as of yesterday my mom is all about FaceTime. Which really shouldn’t surprise me. Though it does.

As soon as the phone arrived, people were telling me how delicate the screen is and how theirs shattered and how crucial a case is for it’s protection. In fear of having just bought an expensive paperweight, I started to cruise sites for cool cases. I thought about a basic Pantone, or maybe one from the designers at Society 6. But are these protective? Or just decorative outfits? I think the phone itself looks good, and doesn’t need any visual excess. Then I got an email from Makr, showcasing their leather phone cases (my favorite being the matte navy). What a great idea. A leather sleeve will protect the screen from key scratches and because of the texture, the phone won’t readily slip out of it’s case at inopportune times.

Because I had some leather sitting around, one night I drew up a pattern and stitched together the case. It’s just 2 pieces of leather cut into the shape of the phone, stitched around 3 sides. Really quick and simple.