Dot to Date



A few months ago, I heard about Dan Usiskin‘s Dot to Date Doodle Off project, and wanted to participate straight away. But after the first package was lost in the post before I received it, and having to get a second set sent from London, as well as being busy with other projects, I have just gotten around to completing it now, 4 months later!

Dan has created a calendar, in the form of connect the dot postcards printed on lovely paper. Each card presents a historical British landmark you can discover upon connecting the dots. The extra prints he produces that don’t make the cut, he sends off in sets of 4, for people to fill out, and all you have to do is send him a picture of the finished cards.

At first I had wild ideas about incorporating fabric scraps, or painting on the cards with watercolour, but it was getting very complicated. Finally, today at lunch, I decided to set up shop at Sam James, until I finished all four. On my walk over, I thought hey, why not paint the cards with coffee, and tea! But I didn’t have any brushes with me. I also thought it might make for a strange request, not to mention a potentially messy setup. In the end, I took out my favorite mechanical pencil, to just simply doodle. Classic. I think they turned out pretty fun and cute and Spring-inspired. Here they are!





Click the last one to see it a bit bigger!

Mercy SS2010



Last week I picked up a few pieces from Toronto’s Mercy for summer. They use a lot of Liberty (love!) and the coat is made in the detailed Harryhausen Valley print.

Can’t wait until the weather is a tiny bit warmer so I can wear my dresses sans tights!


In Toronto you can find the Mercy collection at Finn.

Mercy will also be having a trunk show at Legacy in New York on Saturday, May 8 from 2-6pm, at 109 Thompson St.

Disloyalty (but in a good way)


On the weekend, I picked up The Disloyalty Card at Blondie’s. It’s a new coffee card which, instead of rewarding customers for buying 10 cups of coffee at the same place, rewards customers for ordering a cup at seven different local coffee bars throughout the city, with a free coffee at the location where you first picked up the card. The concept started in London last year, and I think it’s a nice idea: you get a sense of camaraderie between local indie shops instead of a negative competitive vibe.

I already go to most of the participating coffee bars, so this is perfect! The only two places I haven’t ever been to are LIT Espresso Bar, and Crema Coffee Co. And even though this card is supposed to get you out to new neighborhoods, I’m glad they have multiple locations. To be honest, I’m rarely in Ronces and have been to the Junction like, once (yay Smash! and many other cute little spots)

The seven coffee shops where you can (and should!) pick up a card are: Blondies, Crema, Dark Horse, LIT, Manic, Mercury, SJCB



Portrait No.03 : Sarah Nicole Prickett


This week’s portrait for The Style Notebook is of fashion writer Sarah Nicole Prickett. Check out the full illustration and part 1 of the interview here!

Coffee Break at White Squirrel






Yesterday I had a latte at White Squirrel while reading the new issue of Dossier.

April Flowers








Mostly from my walk home today.

Except for the orange ones, which are a gift from my mother. She likes to buy me flowers before she leaves from a visit. These ones have been doing surprisingly well.

Since 1860


Photo by N.G.

Growing up, I never saw, or expected to see my name anywhere. No key chains, no novelty items at all displaying my obscure, *ahem* unique, name. Now all of a sudden it’s on billboards in New York?!

Ayala Champagne been around since 1860, and I’m only just seeing it for the first time. Okay, so it’s missing an H. But I’ll take what I can get.

Now if only I could get my hands on some

Portrait No.02 : Danielle Meder

Picture 7

During Toronto Fashion Week, I had the pleasure of meeting Danielle Meder. She is a local fashion illustrator, and an overall refreshing person to speak frankly with about the industry. On her blog, final fashion, she shares her projects, views, links to online articles and work she finds of interest, as well as information about local fashion events.

Recently I was asked to illustrate a portrait of her for The Style Notebook, to accompany an interview – Part one is up now.

505 (Or, My Sophie Kinsella Post)


Okay, so i was a little late in the game on this one, but good old Ottawa came through for me in the end.

I’m kind of loving Peter Philips right now. He’s the Creative Director of Chanel Makeup, and reading about him pretty much everywhere got me a little intrigued.. What can I say?

I had not purchased nail polish in a very long time (10? 15 years?) Sure I’ve had my nails done in the meantime, but I’ve never actually felt the desire to diy…until now.

For those not in the know, last year Chanel’s limited edition Jade polish was fetching serious cash on ebay, after selling out at makeup counters. And this season’s polish, Particulière, is also doing quite well for itself. It is gray taupe in colour, and it’s lovely. The models wore it very well in the Spring RTW Collection, as have nail polish addicts since.

As part of the Spring Collection, Particulière arrived in stores this winter, but it wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I decided to actually look into it. By which I mean, I had to have it. So I walked over to the Bay and inquired, it was sold out. They did have a waiting list, and the girl at the counter made it sound promising. Nonetheless, I then went over to Holts, which was also sold out. They weren’t taking names, but they were reordering. Okay Toronto, I might expect something like this in New York, but Toronto? Are people really this makeup enthused? I next headed over to Andrew’s. Whoever would know they even carry Chanel makeup there. Turns out very stylish women – also sold out!

After this unsuccessful 20-minute adventure in makeup counters, I decided to put the mission on hold.  I didn’t need it that badly or anything.

The next weekend, I was in Ottawa. Walking through the Market, I decided to pop into the Bay at Rideau Centre – I mean, the makeup counters are right by the entry. It’s hardly a big deal to just walk through the doors and check it out. Approaching the unattended Chanel counter, I spotted the tester. Which is a good sign. At least they did stock it at some point, even if they don’t have any more for sale. Since nobody was around, and I didn’t feel like waiting, I decided to explore the hidden drawer behind the display where they keep the makeup – is that wrong?

As there is my photo of the bottle above, I see no reason to further suspend your disbelief. The visit was successful! Finally!

The women in Ottawa have it right, I mean really, what’s the big deal about a new shade of nail polish?

Andy Thê-Anh


I’ve got a new illustration up on The Style Notebook today. Just before Toronto Fashion Week I attended the store opening for Andy Thê-Anh in Yorkville. The print on one of the dresses reminded me of buildings, and so I decided to incorporate the Toronto skyline into the drawing. Have a look!


If you’re looking to shop in Toronto this weekend, visit here.