Home for the Holidays


I normally don’t take pictures at my parents’ home, but this time I wanted to document some of the home decor trends that have endured with them over the years. A bit unusual and eclectic I think, their style could never be described as conventional or minimalist! Looking through my pictures, I didn’t take as many as I would have liked – but I do have more on flickr. Hopefully from these close ups, you can still get an idea…

Lots of metallics and browns, some fun wallpaper, various accessories and artwork collected from abroad, and always lots of plants!






Charlotte Video

I’m a big fan of Charlotte Gainsbourg and am looking forward to picking up a copy of her new album, IRM, next month. The Heaven Can Wait video above has been out since November, and is directed by Keith Schofield. Some of the shots are inspired by the work of photographer William Hundley. I think it’s pretty great.

If you like, the director’s cut can be seen here.

Christmas 2001


I love going home at Christmas and seeing that my mom has brought out all her holiday dishes, hand towels, candles, and table runners. It feels like Christmas instantly! This year I brought back with me an old holiday mug from my grandmother. I thought the colours were great and I like the 1 in 2001 as a silver tree with red dots.

Do you have any holiday-specific dishes?

M7 Camera


After seeing it in a picture taken by a friend in Tokyo this November, unaware of the make and model number, I decided that this would be an awesome camera to own. Partly on account of the orange. Also on account of the awesome. So then I looked into it. Turns out it is the Leica M7 Edition Herm├Ęs. A very nice camera to own indeed. And for a mere $14 000, it can be yours! (If you’re one of the first 100 that is)

So for now I decided just to draw it.

Coffee Break at Sam James




I almost froze on my trek to Sam James Coffee Bar the other day. The wind was brutal. But when I arrived, all was forgiven. The coffee here is kind of perfect – and the foam always nicely done.

Circular Cushion


A circular boxed cushion I made a few weeks ago at the workroom.

The cover is made of Joel Dewberry‘s home dec weight cotton in Stone Wildflowers,
and the piping is Kona solid cotton in Crimson.




The Todd

Photographer Todd Selby started a portrait project last year called The Selby.
The concept being to portray people in their natural habitat – home, studio, space. These are mostly creative people: often his artist friends and celebrities we might not encounter on an average day (Alexander Wang, Erin Wasson, Julia Roitfeld).

Through this project, he has had the opportunity to collaborate with Colette, Cole Han, and several other brands with offshoot projects.

This video was taken at a talk by Todd Selby. In it he explains the project.

Stroke Fill


Sometimes it’s hard to decide how you’d like to draw something.
The possibilities are endless.



Click here to see the full length illustration

Coffee Run at Blondie’s & Camilla


There is a really cute new coffee shop / bar in Parkdale called Blondie’s. At the recommendation of Erin, I decided to check it out on my way to the workroom Saturday morning. I ordered a soy latte and a peach and white chocolate muffin to go. The coffee was great, and the muffin was AMAZING. I don’t usually buy muffins, but this one seemed extraordinary. They also have a mixed berry muffin I will have to try next time.


Saturday was a crazy day, but I was able to snap a few quick shots of the new issue of Selvedge magazine, as well as the new Camilla Engman book by Uppercase Gallery. I found it interesting to learn how Camilla reconciles her different visual styles via different outlets: editorial illustration work, fine art, animal softies, Studio Violet (love!). And as I’m starting my own business from home, it is interesting to hear how she views her work / personal life as less of a balance between the two, and more a combination of the two. Needless to say, I highly recommend you pick up the book too!



Schokolade Marzipan


Marzipan has been a long time favorite of mine. It’s great to try different brands, and Schuhbeck’s is excellent. The texture allows pieces to just fall off in the best way.