My father, who has absolutely no interest in style, still thinks of me whenever he comes across a fashion-related article in the newspaper. When I go home for a visit, there is usually a pile of articles he has set aside for me to peruse.

Once when I was meeting him for lunch he pointed out an ad for a sale he had just read about in the paper – at a boutique I had never heard of. Because of him I discovered a small, unassuming designer boutique downtown. I came away from the shop with one special item, a dark purple shawl that I wear as a scarf. It is loosely woven of wool and cotton. And I think of my dad whenever I wear it.

The full length illustration with notes can be found here.


There is a shop down the street that always has the best windows. Every time I walk by, they brighten my day a little bit. I keep meaning to ask who does them. If you know, please share. This display is no longer up, but now they have one with sheep, and I will have to take some pictures.




Dear Etro bag, I know you’re last season, but I would still love to be friends.


What I Wear

A few weeks ago I started contributing to Gemma Correll‘s What I Wore Today Flickr group where you can post drawings of what you wore that day. I first heard about the group through designer Emily Tu, who has made some great contributions. For me it has been a fun way to experiment with drawing styles and to share everyday outfits.

So far I have been creating pencil sketches by hand, and then adding various levels of colour to them digitally.



In viewing other people’s drawings, I find that I’m mostly drawn to the little notes that are made beside the figures, describing a subtle detail, or providing a little background on a particular item. My notes are pretty general and basic, but that’s in part because my writing is so big…